About Us

Belleinity is aspiring to bring ancient methods into the modern day without sacrificing natural beauty. Maintaining a balance between efficiency and majesty is among our top priorities. Throughout the ages, people have turned to mother earth for many different ailments, headaches, skin blemishes, restless sleep.
Using natural ingredients, Belleinity seeks to get back to our planet’s roots and open up availability of these organic resources to the average consumer.
With the demand of natural ingredients on the rise, our goal at Belleinity is to create the purest, best quality products possible using only the best methods and highest-quality ingredients.

We feel that the Earth is an unparalleled artisan. We believe that leaving as small a footprint as possible is paramount in our production process.
Today’s farming regimes take away important nutrients from soils and typically breed genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Reputable Studies show that GMO’s have a negative effect on our health and on the environment.

At Belleinity, every one of our products is chalk full of natural, GMO-free ingredients that will exceed your expectations while maintaining our creed to protect nature. We begin our process by scouting for the highest quality ingredients from global habitats, ensuring they are of sound ethical pedigree. We go directly into farming routines that reaps plants, fruits, and herbs of superb nutritional value and active compounds. With all of this we combine these bountiful ingredients into the highest grade of skin and hair care products.

Annually, more than 90,000 companies use animals in their process for testing their cosmetics, perfumes, and general skincare products.

Despite the efforts of more than 1,500 companies, there are still more corporate bodies that abusively impose the chemicals from their products on innocent animals. These chemical tests are 100% voluntary and provide inconclusive results.
It is our greatest pleasure to ensure the FAIR treatment of the earth’s other inhabitants. All living creatures have the right to freedom from cruelty and oppression. Every one of our products is stamped with our pledge to do right by the innocent and leave animals out of our testing procedures.

Beauty products are very poorly monitored for safe consumption within North America. Europe has already regulated over 200 dangerous chemicals found in aesthetic products, dwarfing the efforts of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who have only banned 11.
A staggering number of skin care products contain the by-product of animals, like gelatin. squalene, and estradiol. Scarier still they can also include more harmful ingredients, such as lead, phthalates, and parabens. Through hours of painstaking research, we’ve concluded that the consumption of these ingredients causes lasting harm to the endocrine system, which manages your hormones. At Belleinity we guarantee that all our products are vegan, and free of any of these toxic components.

We believe in virtuousness. Therefore, each and every product we carry are painstakingly taken through trials to bring you the most beautifully natural product possible. With the amount of active ingredients, we never forget to make sure each step is reliable and holds true to our values.

Regular inspections of our raw materials and our end products ensure they fall into line with the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard, so we go above and beyond that of the cGMP. Each and every element we add to our products is brought up using third-party laboratories to set the standards for the industry. We use a top-of-the-line, FDA approved laboratory in the USA to bring you the best NSF Certified products.

Our solemn oath is that your beauty doesn’t stop at your skin. Everybody is beautiful and should be allowed to feel that way. When you enable all your senses, everything will glow with a new radiance. We are of the mindset that your dedication to your body shouldn’t be solely reliant on physical results, but also touch on your spirit to strengthen your mind with good vibes.

Our recipes invigorate and insure impeccant beauty instances. The leaf and water droplet that make up our logo, bring cool, relaxing colours to a sleek metallic sheen. Our promise to you promotes everyone to look their best and feel even better. Confidence in yourself is tied to your feelings deep in your psyche, as well as your own distinctive appearance.